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Make Sure Your Car and Insurance Policy are Ready for Winter

Posted December 17, 2016 by Eric Tiffany in Auto

Make Sure Your Car and Insurance Policy are Ready for Winter

The cold weather poses all sorts of driving challenges. From slick ice to blinding snow flurries and beyond, you face a heightened risk every time you get behind the wheel in the winter months. It is imperative that you take care of your vehicle and obtain the proper level of auto insurance during this especially dangerous time of the year.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Start out by checking your vehicle’s heating and ventilation system. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or are unsure as to whether you can gauge the system’s ability to keep you warm, do not hesitate to bring your car to an auto shop for a professional analysis. You need a reliable source of warmth as you traverse those icy roads during the frigid months. Furthermore, you should ensure that your defrost system functions as designed. Both the front and the rear defrost systems should work flawlessly. They’ll prove quite important when your windshield is covered in ice or fog and you need to break it apart for clear vision.

The cold weather will certainly put your vehicle’s battery to the test. Verify that the connections are clean, free of corrosion and in good working order. If your battery has not been replaced in the past three years, take preventative action by investing in a new one now so you don’t end up being surprised by a dead battery in the middle of winter.

Check your tires’ air pressure and tread. The winter roads are brutal on tires as they are loaded up with ice, snow, salt and other unsavory particles. If you have any concern regarding your tires’ ability to sufficiently grab a snow-covered road, do not hesitate to have a professional examine them for a second opinion. Have the mechanic check out your brakes when he looks at your tires. If he reports that you will soon need new brake pads or rotors, have them installed now so you don’t put yourself or your vehicle at risk during those already dramatic winter drives.

The cold weather will certainly put your vehicle's battery to the test. Verify that the connections are clean, free of corrosion and in good working order.

Sweat the Small Stuff When it Comes to Car Insurance

If you have been paying for the bare minimum auto insurance coverage, consider expanding your coverage for the winter. Your vehicle should be fully insured for the comparably dangerous winter months. If you will drive your vehicle at a higher frequency during the winter, recognize the fact that these are the months when plenty of accidents are caused by nasty weather. Perform a comprehensive review of your auto insurance coverage to ensure that your deductibles won’t be outrageously high should an accident occur. Though you might consider yourself an excellent winter driver, other drivers can wreak havoc on your vehicle, your auto insurance rate and your life.

If there is a teen in your home who will be using your vehicle, consider expanding your auto insurance as there is a chance they’ll end up making a mistake during one of his frigid winter drives. If you work from home or will be off from a job like construction that is only available during the warm months, notify your auto insurer about this considerable reduction in vehicle use and you just might end up with a cheaper rate.

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