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How to Stop Water Damage from Occuring

Posted August 6, 2015 by Eric Tiffany in Personal Lines

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Whether it’s a clogged, overflowing toilet, a dysfunctional or burst pipe, rainwater or a washing machine failure, the damage that water can do to a home has the potential to reach tens of thousands of dollars.  As a homeowner, you need to be attentive about a few important areas of your home.  As a proactive homeowner, you can take a few steps to stop water damage from ever occurring.

Have Your Roof and Flashing Inspected on a Regular Basis

Water that leaks in from the roof into walls and framing can easily go undetected and can do serious damage, rotting away the framework of your home.  As for flashing on a roof, this can deteriorate, rust or fall of.  If you notice exposed or damaged flashing or shingles, have a contractor repair it immediately as to ensure that you don’t have any water intrusion.

Have Your Sewer Lines and Plumbing Fixtures Inspected

A common cause of water damage in homes is the backup of waste water into a home.  This is one of the nastiest clean-ups and can be prevented via an inspection by a professional.  As for plumbing, this could be a sink, drain or toilet.  These fixtures can back up as well creating serious damage.

Check Around the House for Leaking Plumbing

Leaks can manifest themselves in the form of mold and discolored floors and ceiling tiles.  You should take a walk around your house at least twice to year to determine if any plumbing has been leaking.

Clean Gutters & Downspouts

Water can also back up in gutters and downspouts as a result of clogs from leaves, branches and other debris.  Make sure to take a walk around your house at least twice a year to determine if there is any clogging and either clean the clogs yourself or have a professional do so if they are in high, hard to reach places.

Install Drains and Use Collection Pans

Drains will work best if they are installed in bathrooms and basements.  Collection pans can be set under appliances or sinks and can mitigate any initial water damage to flooring.


Often times, water damage can be one of the messiest, hardest to diagnose homeowner issues to deal with.  The only way to effectively prevent water damage from occurring is to keep a close eye on your home and know what to look for.  Your homeowners insurance policy may have serious limitations in regards to what is covered and what your coverage limit may be.  When in doubt, call the Hal Tiffany Agency at 651-484-4002.



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